Oman Air Virtual

From Muscat to the World.

About Us

Oman Air Virtual is an Infinite flight virtual airline founded in July 2022 by Dario. Its goal is to bring much reality to the game. I thought bringing Oman Air Virtual back into play was a good choice, as we will now have the chance to see our Airbus A330 in the skies. Now let's see how it goes! We will try to establish as many codeshare as possible, starting from the VA of the gulf, to arrive at the VA overseas. We would like to do all this with a large number of pilots, in order to make people meet other people.

Where all started ?

The Oman Air Virtual dream began in July 2022 by Dario, CEO and founder, who wanted to bring this VA back to life.

Explore The World From Oman

Why Oman Air Virtual? Well, the answer is easy: we offer many exotic destinations in almost the major Asian states such as India, China and Thailand.

Ranking Structure

Our rank structure is very simple but intriguing at the same time. You start with the small Embrear 175 to get to the ultra innovative B787!


We have also included a section to reward the pilots who will stand out the most within WYVA, not only in terms of flight hours but also in terms of activity in the official WYVA chat on the discord server. There will be 3 prizes, for the migkiori three drivers: Sindabad Gold: 3X multiplier Sindabad Silver: 2.5X multiplier Sindabad Bronze: 2X multiplier

Entry Exam

The first exam is very important, at first to know our pilot with some simple information and then, to make sure that the pilots are capable of the normal skills of aviation.

VA Status

Oman Air Virtual is Being Reviewed

Our Team

Here is our staff team that manages and runs this VA at its highest potential.

Our Ranks

Here you can find our ranks!

Our Fleet

Here you can find our aircraft in our fleet, we have 6 different aircraft type that flown on all of our routes !

Embraer E175

Available at cadet

Boeing 737-800

Available at First Officer

Boeing 737-900

Available at Second Officer

Airbus A320-200

Available at First Officer

Boeing 787-8

Available at Chief Pilot

Airbus A330-300

Available at Captain

Oman Air Virtual in statistics


Total Flight Hours

Total Flights

Total Routes

Our Routes

Here you can find our route database.

Our Requirements

Here you can find our requirements.

  • Must have IFC account in good standings
  • Minimum Age : 14 Years Old
  • IF Grade : 3 or Above
  • Minimum of flight hours : 100 hours
  • Minimum of landings : 100 landings
  • Violation-to-Landing Ratio : Less than 25%
  • Level 2 and 3 violations : Max two (2) within the last year.
  • Oman Air VA Entrance Exam : Score 75% or higher (if you fail, you can re-apply the next week)
  • Valid Infinite Flight PRO subscription